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Affiliate Programs (19) new
Provide you the opportunity to collect a commission for any products or services purchased by a customer you refer
Click Through (29)
These Programs pay you a "per click" rate (generally between .02 and .20 cents) for every visitor who clicks the program banner on your site.
Get Paid To (3)
These programs come in a variety of forms with being Paid To Surf, and being Paid To Receive Emails as the most popular. All varieties pay you a certain amount for performing a specific, simple, internet action that will include viewing advertisements from the programs sponsors.
Multi Level Marketing (2)
Sometimes called MLM's or Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing programs give you the opportunity to benefit from the efforts of all the people you bring, and everyone below you brings (your "Downline", into the program
Two Tier (8)
These programs reward you for your efforts, and the efforts of others you bring into to program as affiliates

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