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 Pays 6 cents per click through Commission Junction. The website looks like they are serious about what they are doing. This one is a must have (Added: 15-Jul-2000)

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 Pays per click and 33% of sales made by visitors referred from your site. Employment website aimed at college seniors and recent graduates. Variety of services available. Another Commission Junction program, so it has to be good! (Added: 8-Jun-2000)

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 Interesting payout offering: $0.25 per Lead and $0.01 per Click. The program is run through Commission Junction. Looking at the site, it is a little difficult to understand what exactly it is they do. Have a look, maybe you can figure it out! (Added: 15-Jul-2000)
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 Join our affiliate program and start earning your commission now! We have teamed up with Commission Junction to provide our affiliates with trusted third-party tracking, real-time reporting,and monthly commission checks. We are currently paying our affiliate 1 cents per click for every unique visitor that you send to our site with great potential to earn more. (Added: 15-Jul-2000)

 I Love Freebies!
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 We Pay You Per Click! When You Join Our Affiliate Program Through Commission Junction, You Will Also Be Able To Choose Other Top Programs That Will Enable You To Earn Cash Commissions For You And Your Website (Added: 15-Jul-2000)

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